Month: April 2017

Love and Happiness

Happiness is a problem that can be solved – Quartz Wed, 26 Apr 2017 13:55:16 GMT Happiness is a problem that can be solved. Happiness comes from solving problems. The keyword here is “solving.” If you’re avoiding your problems or feel like you don’t have any problems, then you’re going to make yourself miserable. If you… Read more …   SJ Kids: What are the keys to happiness? – Statesman Journal Wed, 26 Apr 2017 07:18:41 GMT Statesman JournalSJ Kids: What are the keys to happiness? Statesman Journal The keys to happiness are love, family, friends and...

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Join Apstra Solutions Architect Josh Saul Webinar: Intent-Based Networking Systems

Webinar: Intent-Based Networking Systems Networking should be this Easy Join Apstra Solutions Architect Josh Saul on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 11:00 am PST as he demonstrates how the Apstra Operating System (AOS) decouples your network-service design intent and operations from error-prone and time-consuming vendor-specific, box-level workflows, including: – Declare service intent in natural language – Render configurations automatically – Deploy auto-validated configurations – Swap out Vendor A switches with Vendor B switches in minutes – Receive instant alerts on mis-cabling, bad transceivers, and configuration drifts – Operate with continuous validations of the network state Don’t miss this opportunity...

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Story From The First Quintuple Ironman Triathlon – Ted Epstein Jr Ultra Endurance Athlete

QUINTUPLE IRONMAN TRIATHLON October 9-13, 1991 In Den Haage (The Hague) Netherlands, the first Quintuple Ironman was held. Having been in The Netherlands during the European Ironman, Ted Epstein had befriended people who wanted to serve as his volunteer crew for this event. In 1987, two of these volunteers had traveled to the U.S. to visit Ted in Denver. Unfortunately, just as Vivian had planned to take them to Colorado Springs for the day, Vivian was told that her father had died. Ina Cherington, a good friend, took them sightseeing instead. When the same volunteers visited again in 1989...

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